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Total Care prides on providing unique and personalised treatment for each client every consultation. We offer a holistic approach when providing our massage service, which may include doing one or more of the following techniques during your massage, depending upon each client request. Total Care Massage provides a wide variety of treatments, so we can work with our patients in achieving their individual goals.

Each treatment is different, however, we have a similar process to go through for each client. It is important to be aware of a clients medical history (i.e. Injuries, surgeries, high/low blood pressure, diabetes, etc) so we are able to tailor make our treatment for each person. For this reason each person must fill in a pre-screening form and have a short meeting with the therapist before their first treatment. In this first meeting individuals may also go through some general muskulo-skeletal testing to ensure the therapist has a better idea of particular issues and work with the individual to best assist with these problems.

Remedial massage:
This therapy is an individualised treatment of patient specific ailments. Remedial massage works with deep tissue and has an intensive focus on intricate muscular detail. Remedial massage is not intended to mask problems over the short term, but seeks to correct injuries and neutralise acute to chronic pain. It is a firmer pressure and concentrates mostly on the specific areas needed to improve an individual’s well being. This type of treatment is recognised by health funds and you will be able to receive a health fund receipt to claim your rebate. Click here to see our rates.

Sports massage: 
This treatment is under the same category as a remedial massage (it will involve similar testing, techniques and will be covered by health funds), however it may be more specific to an individual’s chosen sport. Each sports person needs their body to be efficient in different ways, we endeavor to work with each person to achieve the best outcome. This treatment often involves stretching and movement on the table or around the room. Click here to see our rates.

Relaxation massage:
As the name suggests, this type of massage is to create an environment ideal for the individual to relax. Less pressure is used in this massage, however, there are still a number of benefits you will receive from having a relaxation massage such as improved blood flow and muscular elasticity. Click here to see our rates.

Trigger point Therapy:
Trigger points are tender areas along the bands of muscle which cause referral pain with the presence of a pressure being placed upon it, or spontaneously with no pressure being placed upon the taut muscle fibers. Trigger points generally occur in similar points in the muscle fibers and have common referral patterns/pathways. Trigger point therapy, therefore works with these tender areas, with the goal of lessening or removing the pain completely. This therapy would be used in conjunction with other massage such as remedial massage. Click here to see our rates.

Dry needling:
This technique involves using acupuncture needles, and placing them into the muscles fibers at the area of the trigger points. This type of treatment can sometimes be more efficient than just trigger point therapy alone. Again, this treatment would be used in conjunction with another massage, such as remedial massage. Click here to see our rates.

Although there are several different types of treatments, often we can combine a number of these techniques to give each individual the treatment they require. So, please do not hesitate to ask your practitioner any questions and let them know what it is you want to achieve from your treatment.